When bringing to life your dream project, always make sure you have hired the right general contractor in Orlando. There are some considerations to make when going through the process of setting a contract with the soon-to-be dream maker. Following are five of the most important aspects to think about when choosing a general contractor in Orlando. 


  1. What’s the experience of the contractor? It’s important to know what types of projects your prospect has done in the past. Are they similar to yours? How well were they executed? Checking the background of your general contractor in Orlando can help you choose the most qualified company to get your request done with the highest standards in the market. Ask them if they have performed similar work and if they have a catalogue to prove it, or you can just visit the place where they have done their work. Recommendations are also a good way to get a trustable contractor, especially if they have worked with any of your associates or friends.
  2. Do they dispose the adequate resources to respond to your necessities? As a business entrepreneur one always wants the most unique materials used in the workplace. Not everyone is trained to work with certain projects, or even materials. Find out if the contractor you’re aiming to hire possess the most qualified personnel (subcontractors) to get the job done in the estimated time with the available resources.
  3. Communication is key! Always have contact with the manager or supervisor of the project since he will talk about the changes that may happen. You’ll want to have easy access to the PM in case you have any update requests or questions too – which is likely to happen. There are things of natural forces that you can’t control, like weather issues. Your GC should inform you of these nuances as well. In both cases, the work can be affected so it will be delayed, and the timeline will probably change.
  4. Let them give you some perspectives. Sometimes what you want isn’t always what suits you better, unless you were previously advised. General contractors usually have more experience and, if asked, they can work with architects or engineers to counsel them about any specifics you may request. Make sure the GC you choose is willing to offer advice and go that extra mile to suit your needs.
  5. Does your General Contractor give you guarantees? With personal projects, expectations are always high. Consider that the General Contractor guarantees to complete their job and obtain the approvals along the process. Try to write down all the compromises your contractor acquired and the estimated deadline to deliver the job.

Always keep in mind that a cheaper general contractor may add fees for additional work done, unlike others that are a bit more expensive but who guarantee to fulfill all your requests in the estimated time.

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