A slow internet connection is always a very irritating occurrence while you are surfing the internet. In this era of digital communication and business, it is a polite way of telling you to go play outside, or take a long and unproductive break from work. Imagine how much money and time are wasted when employees are just sitting around waiting for the connection to work. Yeah, it’s not a pretty number. Here are some tips on how to fix a slow internet connection.

Check Your Internet Plan

The problem is not always on the internet connection or the hardware you are using. It might also be a result of low bandwidth subscription. What you are trying to do online such as uploading a new video might require a stronger bandwidth than you think. You can use the internet connection bandwidth testing tools that are available online for free. These will give you an idea of the kind of connection you are on. If the issue is the low bandwidth, you should have it fixed as soon as possible to make sure you are having a good connection. This is the first step in how to fix slow internet.

Check Your Hardware

If you have a proper bandwidth but are still experiencing a slow connection, you need to test the hardware. Begin with the router by giving it a restart command. This will help in fixing issues relating to the router. Many people looking for how to fix slow internet connection will often think the issue is the whole internet and never think to reset the router. However, the truth is that sometimes the router has a major issue and cannot function without getting a quick reboot. If the reboot is done and still the issue is not resolved, you might need to restart your computer or the device you are using to access the internet. The issue could as well lay on the computer wi-fi connection. The restart will quickly check the hardware for any issues and fix.

Remove Any Bandwidth Hogging Plug-Ins

There are some programs that use a lot of bandwidth making it hard for other applications to load on the connection. If you are experiencing this, you need to make sure these applications are stopped. Check your browser and the applications installed on the computer just to make sure you don’t have other plug-ins that could be affecting the functionality of your computer. When you are conducting the check, you should be re-loading the apps and the browser to make sure it is functioning well. Torrents download is one of the apps that could be affecting your performance, so it is important that you stop these applications. You can make use of FlashBlock or even AdBlock Plus to stop the ads from loading on your machine.

Call Your ISP

If all the above troubleshooting methods are not working, you might need to talk to your ISP. This might involve them coming to your site to check and advise what could be the cause of your slow connection. If you are lucky and the problem is solved, you should note down what was causing the issue for future reference.

In cases where you continue experiencing the same issue even after trying above tips on how to fix slow internet connection, you might want to consider subscribing to services of a new provider or upgrading your hardware. Hardware as a Service is a benefit of having a fulltime IT consultant like Archis Tech. Even if you’re not one of our current clients, you can still call us to help you with troubleshooting or upgrades. We’d be happy to help!