gloEMR 5.0: Works the way you do

Login to gloEMR and experience how built-in workflow and collaboration tools can enhance the efficiency of your practice.

gloEMR dashboard: A clear view of your practice

One click is all it takes to find, view and work with the most critical patient information thanks to the streamlined gloEMR dashboard.


Through the gloEMR dashboard, you can:

  • Track patient location from admission to discharge
  • Access and share daily schedules and calendars
  • Order labs, refill prescriptions and more

Easy to tailor

Document encounters the way you prefer. Archis Inc. leverages several key Microsoft products into gloEMR including Microsoft® Office WordTM for text editing. It’s easy to tailor one of gloEMR’s pre-defined exam notes or create practice-specific templates for routine encounters without expensive programming. Built-in and familiar Microsoft technology also reduces ramp-up time so you and your staff can be more productive and efficient faster.

gloEMR exam notes also:

  • Dynamically pull patient-specific data directly into notes from the clinical database
  • Use industry standards to flow demographic and clinical data between gloEMR and other leading clinical and practice management systems

With a single click, you have complete patient history at your fingertips for faster, better decision-making: medications, labs, orders and more.

Document as you go

gloEMR features industry-leading voice recognition technology so you can capture more specific details in each patient encounter as you conduct the exam. While you dictate, gloEMR converts your comments, in real time, into precise and accurate documents.
Use voice-activated short cuts to insert commonly used content like consent orders or treatment plans at any point in an exam note. With voice commands, you can also:

  • Note patient encounters
  • Print prescriptions and educational materials
  • Enter diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Place orders for diagnostics
  • Fax referral letters

Do away with costly transcription services and the cost of postage for mailing referral letters. Boost patient safety by eliminating difficult-to-read handwriting that can later be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Summarize, review and confirm

As each patient exam is completed, gloEMR summarizes diagnosis, billing codes, prescriptions and other tasks on a single screen.

Review your diagnosis and treatment plans, confirm coding and charge capture and assign follow-up work to staff through this workflow tool.

Patient records are continuously synchronized from user to user and server to server. You can also get secure remote access to patient records around the clock.

Better decisions, better care

gloEMR includes a variety of diagnostic and clinical decision support tools to improve patient care like:

SmartDIAGNOSIS TM – Macros that link ICD9 diagnostic and CPT codes, medications, tests, patient education and plans for quick note generation on common encounters.

SmartTREATMENT TM – Quickly document an exam and subsequent treatment plan by creating macros to link CPT and ICD9 diagnostic codes, medications, orders, patient education, and plans.

SmartPHARMA TM – Enhance patient safety and care standards by reducing risk associated with drug interactions. SmartPHARMA provides drug analysis for interactions like drug-to-drug, drug-to-disease and drug-to-food.

gloFILMS TM – Display images and films of procedures conducted in the hospital and associate those images and films with individual patient records. Effortlessly copy and paste an image from the film player directly into the note so you can review clinical data in the exam room rather than the hospital lab.

gloRXTM – Track all prescriptions and automatically send them to the patient’s local pharmacy, a great way to save time and money while reducing errors and increasing patient satisfaction.

Integrated document management and data transfer

gloEMR 5.0 also features a complete document management system that scans and stores all paper documents electronically so you can reference historical information as you develop your paperless chart management system.

gloLINK provides seamless integration with other third-party best-of-breed applications through a standards-based HL7 protocol for transferring diagnostic images and other medical data to gloEMR.

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