Made to fit the way you work

With its unique user-friendly design, gloEMR can be easily customized to make any type of practice, from primary care to surgical specialties, more efficient.

Tailoring gloEMR to your specialty is simple. Select from a large variety of available templates; click and drag data fields into exam notes to shape them to your most common encounters.

Streamline the way you work, spend less time doing more. gloEMR makes it easy to deliver specialized care with:

  • Single-click access and single-screen documentation for every specialty encounter
  • A wide range of easy-to-complete HPIs
  • Templates that capture detailed history and medical information
  • Quick access to common procedure templates for each specialty
  • Comprehensive pick-lists matched to ICD-9 codes for common specialty assessments

Learn more about why gloEMR is the smart way to streamline your specialty practice.

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