Complete Systems Integration and Management, 66IG Investment Properties – MetroWest

Project Status: Ongoing
Project Scope: Act as General Contractor and Master Systems Integrator to complete entire office build out for 1650 sq. ft. property. Includes all acting as a General Contractor for interior renovations. Archis is responsible for planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of all systems – includes cabling infrastructure, video management system, PBX phone system, security and access control, hardware, software, and purchasing of equipment and furniture. Install and configure Fortinet phone system to accommodate client’s call volume, users, and budget. Design and implement a new camera and access control system using CAT6 cabling with a PoE switch and Alibi cameras. Access controls cover each entry point to secure facility with individual key cards for tenants. The end-goal of this project is to provide tenants with an all-in-one business solution from the office space to the furniture and hardware used for functionality to the managed services and helpdesk.