If you’ve ever experienced dropped calls or lack of service inside a building, then you can understand the importance of DAS. Distributed Antenna Systems are intended to extend and enhance wireless communication within structures. We specialize in planning, designing, implementing, and optimizing up-to-date DAS so your business can benefit from wireless technology such as radios and cell phones. Office building owners, hotel corporations, and contractors alike want their buildings to support multiple carriers and multiple users throughout or they can face challenges in tenant or client satisfaction. As cellular technology changes frequently, so do DAS. Whether it’s indoor (IDAS) or outdoor (ODAS), Archis follows this growth and applies it to our DAS planning process to ensure your business and wireless users always stay connected.

Archis RF Engineers are not only trusted, knowledgeable team members, but we are also nothing short of:

Professional and Helpful – you will always feel at ease and in-the-know while working with us

Highly Trained – our engineers are proficient in indoor wireless design planning and deployment strategies. Archis Engineers are use industry’s best software such as Atoll, iBwave®, MapInfo, JDSU, and Nemo WindCatcher.

iBwave Level 3 Certified – a widely recognized industry-standard software, we are certified level 3 engineers which gives us the expertise to tackle complex wireless projects

Archis Technologies provides a variety of wireless infrastructure solutions for Distributed Antenna systems (DAS). Our turnkey solutions include everything from design services to the network systems maintenance. Below are some of the services which Archis provides:

Design & Review

Archis uses industry’s powerful software’s for design services – Atoll & iBwave®. Archis provides iBwave® Design Level 3 Certified RF Design Engineers to meet client’s design requirements and deadlines. Below are some of the Design & Review services provided by Archis on:

  • Outdoor DAS & Small cell network design
  • Large Venues designs
  • Indoor Stadium and Mall designs
  • Hotel and Resort designs

Archis has completed 250+ ODAS projects and 50+ IDAS projects.

Projects Archis has completed include working with renowned places like Disney Parks and Resorts, Busch Gardens, Universal, Mall of Millenia, Burbank Town Center, Downtown Orlando, City of St. Augustine, Mercedes Benz Stadium, and more.

Data Collection Services

Data Collection is a vital step in the RF design process that provides a solid validation to design objectives. Here at Archis we perform tests, analyze data (if required) and provide a full package of the Drive tests meeting your expectations and deadlines. Below are Archis drive test services:

  • CW testing (Drive testing & Walk Testing)
  • Baseline testing (Testing the existing network)
  • Shakedown drives (Handover testing)
  • Network pre-launch acceptance drive
  • Troubleshooting drives with clients when required.

Archis has performed 10,000+ CW tests.

Data Analysis, Post Processing, and Reports

Archis uses one of the industry leading desktop-drive test post processing tool for analysis – Nemo WindCatcher & MapInfo. They have extreme robust features for powerful data aggregation and analytical functionality, one-step analysis, and detailed reporting. Below are some of the data analysis reports provided by Archis:

  • DAS data Analysis (ODAS & IDAS)
  • Outdoor Macro Site Analysis
  • Call test Analysis
  • Data Throughput Analysis (DL & UL)
  • CW data analysis

Network Optimization and Support

Archis provides well trained RF system Engineers for your network troubleshooting and support services. Below are some of the services which Archis provides for your Network Optimization support:

  • Hub & Field Engineer support for Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP).
  • Commissioning of the systems like TE, Commscope etc.

Maintenance and Support

Archis provides maintenance and support for DAS systems. Archis has highly trained and vendor certified engineers for maintenance and trouble-shooting support. Archis is vendor certified and holds partnership with below vendors:

  • Corning Mobile Access
  • Commscope TE systems
  • Commscope ION systems
  • JMA Wireless
  • SOLiD

Project Management Services

Archis provides skilled project managers to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives. Some of the projects management services that we offer are:

  • Assist Engineers with project’s planning and deadlines.
  • Assist and provide budgets for the projects.
  • Co-coordinating and Managing field teams & supporting Engineers.
  • Providing weekly project updates to clients