Tackling a new commercial renovation? Building a new project? The ONLY Managed IT Service Provider in Central Florida that is also a General Contractor. As a GC, we are here for you to lean on as you expand office space and build your business literally from the ground up. From construction through to completion and installation of Technology Systems, to monitoring and maintaining those systems – Archis is your strategic construction and technology management partner.

Archis provides all contracting services to new and existing businesses throughout Florida and Nationwide. We are a licensed and qualified general contractor with capabilities to perform new construction, repairs, remodels, demolitions, and alterations to any commercial business buildings and structures.

Choosing Archis as your GC is easy when you know that we provide:

  • Planning to Support –with IT MSP services, we can continue maintenance even after your project is complete.
  • Owners Representative – our construction team, engineers and project managers offer expert advice and can help you make informed decisions from the planning phase through completion.
  • Endless Opportunities – from new construction to revamped office spaces.

As a general contractor, Archis has more than just a license to offer. Are you ready to turn your ideas into reality? Today’s the day to take the plunge – we’re ready! Are you?