Strategic Technology Management

One of the ONLY Technology Systems and Service Provider in Central Florida that is also a General Contractor, Archis specializes in Program Management, Project Management, and Construction Management for technology-related projects. As a GC, we are here for you to lean on as you start or continue building your business. From research and design to construction and installation of wireless networks all the way to completion and maintaining those services – Archis is your go-to construction and technology management partner.

Archis provides all contracting services to new and existing businesses throughout Orlando and with national reach. Our project management solutions include planning and research, database and asset management, timeline analysis and reports, and quality assurance.

Choosing Archis as your CM is easy when you know that we provide:

  • Planning to Support –with our Facility services, we can continue maintenance even after your project is complete
  • Astute Guidance – our construction and project managers offer expert advice and can help you make informed decisions
  • Endless Opportunities – from new construction to revamped office spaces

As a CGC, Archis has more than just a license to offer. Are you ready to turn your ideas into reality?

End to End Management (Project Tracking, Budgeting, Coordination)

Archis is unlike any other GC in Orlando because of the unmatched experience found throughout our team. We are certified engineers and project managers with experience in network infrastructure, information technology, and construction project completion. We have experience in industries from hospitality to aviation to telecommunications to theme parks and city centers. From start to finish, our team is with you alongside the entirety of every venture offering technical skills and expertise to keep the project on track, on time, and on budget. Archis management services keep construction and technology investments timely, prosperous, economical, and – most importantly – effortless for you.

Design & Review

First you have a project idea – adding a video management system, network upgrades, new phone systems. Next you need to put the plan into action starting with the design and review. Archis project managers assess each venture for practicality and efficiency while keeping in mind cost effectiveness and timelines, while our CAD Designers work with you to meet your specifications. We provide guidance on design plans based on our assessment to guarantee every project is cultivated for completion.

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