Video Surveillance and Access Control

CCTV and Access Control are systems that secure and monitor who is entering and leaving your building or office. Archis is a forward- thinking enterprise that sees the future of smart buildings for what they should be – safer buildings. With our technology, you’ll be able to remote access security cameras and settings to secure areas even when you’re not on site.

Fire Alarms

Archis Technologies also provides Fire Alarm System services. Fire Alarm Systems alert occupants in your building of a fire so they can get to safety as quickly as possible. Because fire alarm systems are so important when it comes to keeping your building safe, annual fire alarm system inspections are essential. We partner with our clients to support existing systems or install new systems and upgrades. Our NICET-certified Fire Alarm Specialists are trained in troubleshooting and maintaining systems to comply with local and federal regulations.

Future Capabilities

Future capabilities Archis Technologies plans to offer include features such as automatic alerts to emergency services. We want to take technology to the next level and implement not only smart buildings, but safer ones too.


Our A/V Technicians have established relationships with industry’s best manufacturers for video hardware and access control. We can provide technical sheets, samples, and education on products to determine the best device(s) for your facility.

Design and Installation

We work closely with you to determine what kind of system you want, how much coverage you need, and who should have access to your building. Our security engineers work within your budget and timeline to best design a security system that monitors every necessary area and protects all entrance points to keep your facility secure.


Our technicians are industry certified in video management systems. We provide you with a library of reference material from online training videos to device-specific user guides, so you don’t have to learn the functionality of the system alone. We also offer onsite or remote training to all of our clients to make sure you feel comfortable with all of the features.


We understand that all technology systems require maintenance to stay operational. That’s why we perform routine checks for our clients and offer responsive support for sudden malfunctions. Our technicians are certified in A/V technologies in order to effectively troubleshoot any problems that may arise.